Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shellie Lewis sends me a full envelope.

I have only been a member of IUOMA for a couple of weeks and out of the blue comes this great envelope of mail art that  Shellie Lewis has made. There appear to be many different genres of mail art, envelope art being one of them. Shellie's is quite restrained as many come covered in stamps (rubber) and sometimes calligraphy. This envelope contained a lovely little ATC (Artist Trading Card for the uninitiated). The cards are always the same size6.4cm x 8.9cm.

This ATC is called "Gilded Owl" and the last in an edition of 6 made in 2013. Shellie Lewis has also included a couple of little zines: "Surviving Winter"  and "Everyday is Earth Day". I won't even try to define zine but only give you a rough idea of what they are. They are also popular with mail artists. The ones I make are quite different from most zines, more fine art flavoured. Most zines are cheap, photocopied booklets or pamphlets around a particular theme or passion (again here also there seem to be many genres eg music zines,political zines,gay zines etc).

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